Learn Sales from the Shoeologist

“You’re next,” is what I heard as he pointed to me during my walk through Concourse C of Nashville International Airport. Yes, my shoes desperately needed a shine. But I was not prepared for the lesson in sales that would follow. Bubba Wells proceeded to disclose the secret of his success – how he sells twice the number of shoe shines, compared to the men who work next to him. Watch the video, then when you see Bubba at the Nashville Airport, tell him MBS Advisors says hi! And if you need a GREAT shoe shine, you know what to do.

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April Miles

April Miles has been the marketing manager at MBS Advisors since 2014. She has toured several molding facilities and attended multiple events in the plastics industry. She has a B.S. with a concentration in marketing from the University of Hartford. In her free time, she enjoys salsa dancing and listening to music.