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Highly accomplished/inspirational/Plastics Manufacturing Executive in search of a CEO role

CEO/President - To assist a company that wants to grow and has no limits in holding them back. To grow organically and by acquisition. To view the pricing methodology and to improve the profit margins of their current business and new business. To become the most advanced manufacturer of product with the latest equipment and become the leader in the company's niche market. To not only be the most cost competitive supplier, but also the supplier with the highest quality in the marketplace.

I have experience in this area and want to do it again with another company. I was promoted to turn around a failing organization that was in federal receivership and restructure departments for executive staff, maintaining a lean management group while driving growth and efficiency to achieve targets. Oversaw six direct reports (Director of Sales, Director of Engineering, Director of Human Resources, Director of Finance (CFO), IT Manager and Director of Operations) with 645 indirect reports. Hired superior caliber and cost-savings. Oversaw profit and loss for $115M+ organization.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Turned around company division from -$5M EBITDA to +$6M EBITDA in two years. An $11M turnaround.
  • I have 14 years of direct selling experience at a high level with C-level executives and National Accounts
  • Have held 16 positions between two plastics manufacturing companies, beginning with cost estimator and finally as President/COO.
  • I have a greater understanding for strategic business planning because I have held most positions in a plastic manufacturing company, which gives me a better understanding of completing tasks and a visionary for new products and projects to grow the business.


Professional accomplishments include:

  • Turned around company division from -$5M EBITDA to +$6M EBITDA in two years.
  • Achieved double-digit growth for ten years and increased profit margins, while simultaneously expanding into Mexico, Latin America and additional locations in the US.
  • New product development, patented products, and branding of a new product line
  • Retained customer business from three facility closures in North America
  • Developed new suppliers in┬áSouth Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico and Canada
  • Drove acquisition of four companies, expansion of four facilities in North America, and the opening of three facilities in North America and Mexico along with closing three facilities
  • Increased company market share from 3% to 34% over 10 years.

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February 8, 2018
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