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VP Sales to create fast-moving commodity business

I was responsible for sales and marketing for a $100M plastic component distribution business. Over a two year period, I implemented a new marketing-to-sales handoff which resulted in a 20% increase in new customer revenue. Additionally, I led the regional efforts to transform the marketing from a catalog sales business to a more comprehensive digital offering.  When my company acquired an add-on business, I restructured pricing and found another $3.7 million in profitability. Let's do this for your distribution business.

Other recent accomplishments:

  • I created a business intelligence team utilizing data to improve decision making within a commercial organization, resulting in a 6% increase in net promoter score compared to the previous year. This was an important metric for our business and creating the BI team was done cost neutral from a wage perspective and additive to a profit perspective based on completed projects.
  • When I was a director for a $35M distribution segment business I was able to return it to growth after inheriting 2 consecutive years of decline. I was able to do so by aligning sales goals, restructuring bonus compensation, working with marketing to streamline the sales hand-off which allowed better focus on new customers, and instituting KPI to drive corrective sales actions against forecasts.

Currently in the Atlantic States area of the USA; available to relocate.

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April 15, 2020
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Sales Marketing
Injection Molding

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