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Senior Manufacturing Operations Leader

My analytical and logical thinking skills along with my ability to coach and develop individuals and teams help me to excel in this type role because I can quickly analyze what the issues are, what needs to be done; and then work with my team to address the issues.  I am very continuous improvement minded and have over 16 years of Lean Manufacturing experience, including Lean implementation.

1. At Victor Technologies I would visit China fairly frequently to work with my Quality team there; both to review and improve the manufacturing plant quality and to review and improve the supplier quality issues.  I found during my initial visits that the plant was not meeting their KPI targets.  Not only was the plant not meeting their KPI targets, but none of the departments were meeting their KPI targets.  The organizational situation was that the site leader was also the country Sales leader and spend most of his time at another site, while the 5 site Directors (the direct reports to the site leader) were on site.
I began developing relationships with each of the site Directors; one-on-one.  After developing their trust, we would begin discussing work, their KPI's and what was needed to achieve them.  Much of my discussion was on how they could achieve their departmental KPI's by supporting their peers; by understanding their peer's goals as well as their own and helping each other.  I spent a good 6 - 9 months in my visits (monthly at that point) developing these Directors, even getting into specifics at times.
At the end of a year, the plant was exceeding every one of their KPI goals.
2. At CPS the logistics with the Asian suppliers were not defined well.  There was no consolidation of shipments / each PO shipped individually.  Additionally, parts stocked at out affiliate distribution locations in Australia and Europe - where the parts were supplied from our Asian suppliers, would be shipped to the US plant, then shipped to Australia and Europe.
We defined that we needed to improve this situation by consolidating shipments to the US and by drop shipping from Asia to Australia and Europe.
We created a "China Hub" by contracting with a 3PL company.  With this company (several locations throughout Asia), we were able to both consolidate shipments to the US as well as drop-ship to our affiliate locations.
Our lead time to our affiliates dropped by 6 weeks and our shipping costs were reduced by about 25%.
3. At Victor Technologies we have a fairly significant warranty issue with welding machines from a major supplier in China.  The warranty ran about 8% of the total COGS of the product.
We defined that we needed to improve this situation to get the warranty costs to about 3% of the total COGS of the product.  This was below the industry standards.
Using data to define the issue by machine, we informed the supplier of the issue and asked for them to lead the task of improving this warranty issue as it would help both companies.  I visited this supplier on each trip I took to China.  Of course they were not overly receptive at first however, I and my team helped them to discuss the issues, worked on evaluations together, and worked on solutions together.  As they begin seeing the improvements made and the financial benefit to their company, they begin embracing the work together and changes.
In the end, we had reduced the warranty costs to about 2.4% of COGS.
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September 23, 2019
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