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Experienced Plastics Operations, R&D Director

My past positions have been primarily in compounding of polymers with advanced experience in twin screw compounding technology. I have diverse experience in formulating, and processing many types of materials.
My past positions have primarily reported to the CEO of  privately held companies.
My core competencies include: developing plans and commissioning compounding lines; formulating compounds based on customer requirements; managing multiple locations in the US and globally; as well as training, and supervising engineers, scientists, managers, and production associates. I have specified equipment and developed the procedures for over 20 new compounding lines, as well as hundreds of formulations.  I am proficient in gravimetric dosing for batch and continuous operations, many types of mixing, cooling, drying, and packaging.
In my current position at International Paper, having no previous experience in cellulose fibers, I quickly ascertained that the dispersion of the fibers in the new THRIVE product line was inadequate for most customers. I immediately requested R&D funds to develop a better process. Within 3 months I developed a novel production scale process that produced fully dispersed material unlike anything else on the market.  Based on my work a patent has been applied for in my name at International Paper.
At my previous position at Niche Polymer, I transitioned the company from being a strictly recycle house and a small toller to a proprietary compounder.  I doubled the sales over 2 years and was instrumental in being awarded 13 automotive material approvals.
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July 29, 2019
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