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My success is in a large part because I am full of ideas, am creative, and am able to approach problems in refreshing ways. I am curious to understand how things work, am always asking questions, and tend to be drawn to projects that require innovation and  creativity.  I work best in an environment that is challenging and full of complexities.
I have the ability to determine solutions for customers (consultative sales approach), I am skilled in uncovering clients’ needs and creating needs, I am skilled in matching the proper application, product and benefits to the customers’ strategic business and personal initiatives, and I discover the client’s true, emotional buying motive.  I understand the science and the art of selling.  As  examples:
*In meeting with a high level manager of a sugar mill in Louisiana, I discovered the client’s need for higher throughput, and compliance with AAR regulations.  In peeling back the onion, I also learned that the client’s annual bonus was tied to his department’s budget – profit and loss was tied directly to fines, set asides, rejections and throughput.  My solution could help him with all of those, but even more importantly, I learned he planned on using his bonus to purchase a bay boat he’d long had his eye on.  By tying the benefits of my product to his personal desires, I helped him not only how he could meet the production and compliance needs, but also how he’d be out enjoying the salty air come next spring.
               *A mid level manager wanted pneumatic tools for his workers, but did not have the authority to purchase and was hesitant to run it up the chain.  I presented the solution to the manager and his Continuous Improvement Manager, and we determined the tools would pay for themselves by moving two helpers to more productive positions.
I have excellent communication skills (verbal and written).  I recognize that different personality types have distinctly different preferences for absorbing or receiving information, and I am able to recognize and adapt my presentations accordingly.
I had been trying to get a prospect to return my calls with no success. I finally got him on the phone, and knowing he'd only give me a few seconds to get my point across, I introduced myself, and asked, “Ted, are you having any damage to shipments or problems with compliance, if you are, would you like to see some solutions, and if you aren’t,  would at least like to see ways that may be better and faster?”  His reply was, “Yes, to all three”.  We ended up implementing doorway protection in boxcars and load securement in 50’ trailers.
                *Anthony, the shipping manager, was giving some pushback on the new solution.  Without his buy-in, it would be a tough sell.  In talking with Anthony and learning his history at the company, I learned his main concern was not whether our solution worked or not, but that it may slow things down, which would possibly mean he'd incur drayage costs as well as catch heat from his boss.  More importanly, in digging deeper I learned that Anthony had lobbied hard to get this position, and that he replaced one of the owner’s sons. In other words, all eyes were on him, and in his mind all was running smoothly and the last thing he wanted to do was upset the apple cart.  I was able to fully understand his PERSONAL concerns, I suggested I'd come in and do some time trials; side by side loading, my stuff in one bay and his method in another bay, to which he agreed.  We were able to win him over by not only showing a faster method, but also win him over personally by understanding his concerns.
I am a demonstrated initiative (self-starter).  I have always been a self-starter, and have always looked at the “big picture”.  I started Airboat Adventures with no prior experience and grew it to the largest and most popular airboat tour operation in south Louisiana.  Sold it in 2005 and it is in business to this day!
I have a flexible style, a  “do whatever it takes" approach to serve the customer.  My flexibility is an asset.  I can function well both with or without a schedule or clear plan of action, I am persistent enough to get done what I need to do, but flexible enough to change gears without feeling discomfort.  I try to always put the customer first, to under promise and over deliver. I know that customers judge me by my actions, not my words.
I think you will agree I have the qualifications, track record and experience to drive sales for you.  I would like to speak to you at your earliest convenience, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Pinnacle Award (top salesman), FY 2018.  "Overall leader in Sales Metrics, Behaviours and contributions in alignment with the company's Growth Strategy.  This includes sales to target for Total Business, Repeat Business, New Business and Launch Business. Other considerations include highest growth percentage of New Business without Regional Sales Manager Assistance".
I landed a large account after working on it for over 3 and a half years, with annual revenue of $400K plus, by maintaining professional communication, providing advice even though he was using a competitor's product, and delivering when the time came to act.
Experiencing the gratitude of reps I have hired in the past, meeting up with them after several years, and hearing them say, with a big grin,  "..., the guy that taught me how to sell!"
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June 20, 2019
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