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Experienced Business Development Manager

I have over 10+ years of being a successful Business Development Manager and a Regional Sales Manager.  I am hardworking, dedicated, team player and I have well rounded skills.

When I moved into my role as a Regional Sales Manager I was able to open new distributors on average of 4-5 per year with sales in excess of over $100K per year.
Increasing profitability
When I moved into the role of Sales and Marketing Manager in Monterrey Mexico our distributor cost sheet wasn’t established.  Every distributor had different pricing set up for each item.  I established a price point, raised prices where needed without losing business and grew sales 25% all at the same time.
Building strong teams
During the past 7 years I was asked on two different occasions from my employer to move into a role where I had to take over the current operations and improve them.  The first being in Monterrey Mexico, This assignment was difficult because the person that was running the company did not leave, but started reporting to me.  I had to make a number of changes with the staff but the ultimate goal was a productive sales force that was focused on selling and working together.  The second assignment was when I was relocated to a company we had just purchased and I needed to work with the original owner of the company and the original staff that was currently in place.  I was able to coach some of the staff and help guide them to become the successful employees they are today and I also had the opportunity to hire some new talent and build a team atmosphere.
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April 11, 2019
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Sales Marketing
Distributor - Mfg Rep

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