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I started in the injection molding field at 13 at my grandfathers factory, now 19 years later I have fulfilled nearly every role in the industry. My passion is Processing and teaching others RJG Decoupled/Scientific Molding by breaking down the complexities to easy to understand concepts. I am Master Molder I certified and would love to continue to grow in this field.

Engaging processors in other facilities to more fully understand the concept of Coinjection through viscosity. I was able to successfully create processes where up to 42% of the product was regrind sandwiched between virgin layers, thus keeping strength in the product while lowering the overall cost significantly.
Developed the utilization of colorant in the extruder/pelletizer to change what would be consider "black mix" regrind into color match pelletized material which could then be directly used in a variety of product lines.
Achieving an overall perfect score on my RJG Master Molder I Certification.
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April 4, 2019
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Engineering, Production
Injection Molding

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