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Engineering and Facility Director – Plastics Manufacturing

Engineering management professional with 20+ years of experience supporting global injection and blow molding operations. Led multi-plant tooling, engineering, and maintenance departments through growth and cost savings initiatives. Capital improvements, automation, cost savings, played a key role in 50% production expansion and scrap reduction.

  • 20+ years of engineering leadership experience in injection and blow molding operations
  • Budgeting, capital improvements, new plant design, layout, infrastructure, cost savings
  • Helped expand annual production revenue from $25M to $50M
  • Delivers efficiency, labor, and material savings
  • Realized $500,000 in energy savings and received NEEP award as top energy saving company
  • Designed factory layouts for molding, production, and machining operations
  • B.S. – Mechanical Engineering
  • Located in NH


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February 7, 2019
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Injection Molding

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