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Plastic Technology Specialist

Plastic Technology Specialist looking for a Manufacturing Manager, Production Manager, Maintenance Manager or Process Engineer position.

I possess an extensive experience in injection molding and a 20+ years experience in the plastic manufacturing industries.

Possess extensive experience in injection molding, injection blow molding, blow molding, thermoforming processes, Blow fill seal manufacturing, extrusion processing and related equipment for small and high volume production. Skilled in material testing/processing and materials selection. Have significant experience in the processing of thermoplastics from commodity types to high-performance engineering thermoplastics and TPE. Have hands-on, operation experience with hydraulic and electrical injection molding machines. Familiar with multi-cavity hot runner molds, vertical/horizontal insert molding, and demolding robots. Have knowledge of tooling.Have the demonstrated ability to analyze tooling as it relates to mold flow and to prescribe specific changes to optimize the process.

Career highlights include:

I reduced the Company costs and cycle time by increasing productivity.
I can troubleshoot the most of the machine problems.
I scheduled and staffed coaching sessions for Injection Molding Machines.

I am not open to relocation.

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April 19, 2018
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Engineering, Maintenance, Production
Injection Molding

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