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Extrusion Plant Manager

Extrusion Plant Manager looking for a Plant Manager, Technical Director, VP Operations Position.

Over 25 years experience in vinyl extrusion.
Over 20 years managerial experience.
I am very proficient in problem solving and i have excellent people skills.
I am very well versed in financial business aspects and have exceptional knowledge of extrusion equipment and tooling.

Here are a few career successes:

Reduced safety rate (IRR) to 0 through aggressive coaching and training
Designed and implemented new tooling technology reducing setup times by 90% and startup scrap by 40%
Supported 15% to 21% annual production increase through workforce rescheduling.

Open to relocation in the following states:

Washington State, Oregon, Northern California

Main Industry
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April 12, 2018
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CxO, Production
Extrusion - Pipe or Profile

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