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Successful Business Development Leader

Successful Plastics Business Development Leader looking for a business development management/leadership role for an engineering plastics supplier.

I have an extensive background and long history in a wide variety of materials. I have held many diverse roles within the industry. I have successfully grown business and introduced products and new companies to the marketplace. I have built strong relationships and know how to develop new business opportunities.

Career successes include:

Lead a multinational resin manufacturer to double-digit growth for 10 consecutive years as they entered the North American Market. I successfully added a new product family to a manufacturer by writing and implementing the business plan and developing the product line. Developed a very large opportunity with an automotive OEM closing out larger, more established competitors.

I am available to relocate anywhere in the US.


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March 2, 2018
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Sales Marketing, Supply Chain
Resin - Compounding - Additives

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