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Experienced Operations manager

Experienced injection molding Operations Manager in search of a new management position.

I have spent the last 3 years managing 3 production departments. I also served as an interim maintenance manager for a short period. During this time, projects were completed more efficiently. I had a broad view of the available talent and was able to use employees with specific skills to enhance project results.

Accomplishments include:

1. Reduction of customer complaints via Kaizen - 13% reduction to put my department at 5.663 sigma.
2. Elevating my team's personal education. They are now able to compute OEE, perform individually led kaizens and report up to next level management.
3. Developed/trialed automation to reduce labor. Foil stamp annual finished goods increased by 858,593 pounds (85% increase) cutting operational costs $.06/pound.
4. Managed departments through Plan for Every Part and Heijunka Scheduling system, reducing WIP by $65,000, improving material flow/accuracy (Value Stream) and eliminating waste from overproducing.

I am extremely flexible for relocation. Very interested in the following states:
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

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January 25, 2018
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Administrative, Other
Injection Molding

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