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Sales Application Specialist.

Sales Application Specialist in search of a technical sales role.

I have 30 years experience and the customers I've served from coast to coast and internationally know that I'm a straight shooter and will stay with a problem until it's solved.

I'm superb at management of existing business and growing that business through internal expansion. When they want to explore a new project they think of me first because I'm there. I'm organized, honest, communicate effectively and conscious of cost effectiveness.

I don't want a pure sales job. I want to apply the knowledge I have accumulated over the years towards making processes more efficient and cost effective. My brains are worth more than my good looks.

Career highlights:

Repaired dysfunctional sales regions/territories into smoothly functioning growth engines through a combination of instilling trust and competence within a sales team.

Growing my territory/region by $1MM/year in 3 of the past 5 years and meeting profitability targets.

Led application development of packaging doors, potatoes and liquid foods, vacuum packaging of sectioned and formed meats.

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December 22, 2017
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Sales Marketing

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