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Senior Executive who leads organizations to profitability through growth or turn around

Thought-based Recycling Senior Executive who leads organizations to profitability through growth is looking for one of the following roles President, CEO, EVP, SVP.

I am a proven experience in executive or senior executive / management leadership roles.
I have strong business and financial acumen and experience in developing profitable strategies and implementing a vision.
I have a good understanding of corporate finance and performance management principles and a familiarity with diverse business functions such as marketing, PR, HR, finance, etc.
An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills.
Demonstrated analytical abilities and problem-solving skills and demonstrated practical, creative and collaborative mindset.
Excellent communication and public speaking skills is required.
Human relationships skills (listening, collaboration, fairness, etc.)

A few career highlights include:

Grew revenue from $700M to $1.1B
Raised $10M (Private Placement/Strategic Customer Investments)
Upgraded global team of best-in-class Sales Operations talent, creating a customer-focused, goal-oriented, performance driven culture, including technical support staff. Improved year-over-year enterprise revenue by 22%
New Flyer, GE, Siemens, Alstom resulting in quality and operational velocity improvements, including dual sourced production generating additional +$3M USD in top line revenue.

Main Industry
Last Resume Update
November 15, 2017
Candidate ID
Sales Marketing

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