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Director of Operations

Injection Molding Director of Operations in search of a role which allows me to contribute to the success of an organization by utilizing my 29 years of experience in plastics along with my unique combination of engineering and financial skills.

Throughout my career, I have focused on establishing and improving cultures in three areas:  Employee Safety, World Class Quality levels, and recognizing Continuous Improvement opportunities.  I believe in and live by the age old guidelines of Integrity, The Golden Rule, and Respect.   Following these guidelines has allowed me to be successful and rewarded with promotions by my employers.  I believe that these principles which have shaped my character give me the tools to be an extremely effective leader and an agent of change within any organization.

Career Highlights:

1. Started an operation from the ground up.
2. Established a "Safety First" culture which resulted in an outstanding Safety record well below national levels.
3. Identified and implemented over $8 million in Continuous Improvement Savings over the last 10 years.

Open to relocation in the midwest

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August 29, 2017
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Injection Molding

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