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Injection Machinery Sales Management

Injection Machinery Sales Management Professional in search of a new position in these areas Sales Management, Technical Director, Field Sales, Automation.

I have worked with a wide range of technologies with some of the best and globally recognized companies in the plastics industry for medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics and optical fields.  My former positions include Technical Service Engineering, Product Management, Business Group Management and Strategic Account Management.  While in these positions, I honed my abilities to work with site engineers through the technical applications and equipment requirements.  I am also able to quickly identify root cause of processing, mold design and equipment problems.  I have demonstrated the ability to work in a team environment, manage product lines and multi-million dollar projects.

Here are some recent accomplishments:

-While in the position of the sales manager for one of the premier manufacturers of electric IMM, sales volumes increased to over $40M making it the #1 electric machine sold in the Americas. Sales in Latin America countries grew by triple digits during this period.

-Successfully Transitioned from business unit operations and product/sales manager to a global strategic account management role. Resulting from my ability to manage a global sales team covering these high value strategic accounts, sales have significantly increased to their highest levels. The plastics industry is relatively small and customer relationships is frequently the #1 separator between competitors. Because of my broad customer and technology experience, I'm able to quickly develop those strong relationships and trust with customers to put my employer at a significant advantage.

-My leadership roles in directing product development and sales have resulted in significant new product offerings and technology, cost reductions and improved customer satisfaction.

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August 28, 2017
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