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Well-versed National Sales Manager of Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

Well-versed National Sales Manager of Thermoformed Plastic Packaging is looking for a company interested in expanding its horizons and sales growth through my experience and background in developing new business.  Strategies include direct sales execution and in multiple channels where convergent strategies can be employed to increase sales and profitability. I think i will succeed in many roles because I am passionate about what I do plus my 25 year background and experience in new business development in multiple geographical regions within the U.S. Skill in discovery of emerging markets and clients within each.

Here are a few career highlights:

Created and retained a large volume, Fortune 100 consumer electronics plastic clamshell package and printed display insert card for 18 years while based 1800 miles from site of manufacturing conversion.
Built and expanded several new territories in the U.S. to a $3 million dollar sales level from scratch in less than a 3 year timeframe.
Multi-year opportunity to mentor and advise multiple distributor networks in understanding thermoformed plastic packaging convergent strategies

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August 25, 2017
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Sales Marketing
Thermoform Packaging

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