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Plastics Chief Operations Officer

Plastics Chief Operations Officer in search of an operations director, COO, plant or general manager position

I launched a $51M facility in 8 months, turned around a failed launch of another plant, and turned a struggling plant into a $100M operation.

Career highlights include:

Multi-Plant Experience
Launched $80 million facility, with a complete fulfillment center
Expert in customer satisfaction improvement
Reduced fulfillment center personnel by 40% while improving first-time fill rates by 20% and reducing lead time from 14 days to 36 hours from time of order.
Increased molding capacity by 24% in 6 months, with same manpower and improved utilization.

Open to relocation to anywhere the continental US, prefer a warmer climate

Main Industry
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March 26, 2018
Candidate ID
Injection Molding

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