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Experienced Premedia Packaging Sales Hunter

Experienced packaging sales hunter looking for a sales position focused on premedia.

I'm looking for a sales position. I am a seasoned sales person who loves to hunt. I have a proven method and currently call on over 250 prospects for packaging Premedia needs. None of them have told me to go away, they all allow me to stay in touch, so I have a good foot on the ground ready to tell them I now work for company X. I'm looking for a flexible or folding carton packaging sales job where I can add value to the company. I work remotely so I'm used to self starting every day. I love to prospect where most sales people do not like to go. Knocking on doors is my passion. I have called on large CPGs as well as medium and small companies. I have a 30 to 45 day revolving method of keeping up with over 250 prospects and add more to my list every week. I do not give up.

Career successes include:

I sold Walmart in 2009 and have had a relationship with WM USA and WM Canada.
Coca-Cola and many other larger companies allow me to stay in touch for the right opportunities. I have won large contracts with Walmart, Staples, BJs and other larger companies. I have a list of small to large companies I keep up with. I guess you can say I have been around quite a while.

I'm willing to discuss relocation, but in sales you can just about live anywhere.


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March 29, 2018
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