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  • Operations/Plant Manager – Injection and Blow Molding

    Operations/Plant Manager with a successful track record of turning plants around. With experience in injection and blow molding, he was responsible for an $8M annual sales increase over a six-year period. Led 20% efficiency improvement, 12% delivery improvement, and 73% decrease in quality costs resulting in the best 2-year period in company history and Manufacturing Excellence Award from Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME).

    Plastics CxO Injection Molding
  • Resin Sales Leader

    Goal-driven sales manager with a global reach in resins. Identified and closed $11 million of new business in a two-year period while providing outstanding client service to existing accounts. Penetrated new markets contributing 16% of company revenue growth.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Tooling Director – Injection Molding

    Led management team members to break 12 all-time business performance plant records including overall best customer quality rating, year over year profitability increase of 125%, highest ever monthly profitability percentage, and the highest number of parts shipped in 1 year of 23 million parts. Proven track record of success in improving revenue, profitability, productivity, and efficiency, as well as reducing costs and capital expenditure.

    Plastics CxO Engineering Product Development Injection Molding
  • Sr. Process Engineer - Injection Molding

    Experienced Sr. process engineer with 14 years in injection mold processing, he coordinates, implements, and troubleshoots new injection molding processes, mentors technicians, and increases efficiencies.

    Plastics Production Injection Molding
  • Global Sales Leader/President – Flexible Packaging

    Successful global sales manager, results-oriented, collaborative leader with experience in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Creating value through collaborative teams, truly moving the needle of success.

    Packaging CxO Sales Marketing Packaging Systems