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  • Operations/Plant Manager - Injection/Blow Molding

    Plant Manager with 30 years of injection and blow molding experience that could improve your 2019 bottom-line. Versatile team player who turned around multiple under-performing plants within a multi-facility global corporation. Doubled plant revenue in one year ($6M to $12M), increased EBITDA, improved performance and customer satisfaction, improved results in safety, quality, cost, and delivery.

    Plastics CxO Injection Molding
  • Flexible Packaging Professional - Sales, Marketing, & Operations

    Operations Manager - Managing and coordinating service and related functions such as, Customer Care, Supply Chain, Research, Product Development, and Cost Accounting to mention a few towards supporting the manufacturing, sales and Marketing effort.

    Sales/Marketing - Build and maintain the sales and marketing functions within an organization. Plan, staff, budget, increase sales productivity and in general manage a sales force. Develop/Create new markets, build on existing relationships, and improve organizational profits.

    Packaging Plastics CxO Extrusion - Sheet
  • Manufacturing leadership. Thermoforming for medical/consumer/food, extrusion, injection molding

    Seeking the right opportunity where my 25+ years hands on manufacturing leadership experience can bring about improvements in productivity, profitability, efficiency, safety and waste reduction.

    Packaging Plastics Administrative Thermoform Packaging
  • Experienced Plastic Product Design Engineer and New Product Developer

    I am a top-performing Industrial Designer and Consultant credited with devising dynamic product designs for high profile corporations from ground up.

    Packaging Plastics Product Development 3D Printing
  • Sales Manager - Thermoform Packaging

    Experienced sales leader in thermoform packaging. Consistently achieved multi-million-dollar sales generation. Directed successful expansion into new markets resulting in $8.8M in revenue over five years.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Thermoform Packaging
  • Plant/Quality Manager - Injection Molding

    Motivated hands-on manufacturing manager with 30 years of operations, plant and quality management experience in plastics. Increased productivity by 20% while reducing scrap. Maintained 100% on-time delivery.

    Packaging Plastics Other Injection Molding
  • Experienced and Results Oriented Controller / CFO

    Experienced and Results Oriented Controller / CFO looking for a stable mid to senior level management position.

    Machinery CxO Other
  • Sales and Operations Management - Injection Molding

    Sales and operations leader in injection molding that played a key role in attaining 94% growth over the last six years, guiding annual sales growth from $5.9M to $11.5M. Successfully led sales penetration into defense market accounting for 22% of 2018 sales. He can help your growth in 2019 and beyond.

    Plastics Other Injection Molding
  • Sales Manager - Pallets and Packaging

    In search of a Sales Management, Marketing, Regional Position, Sales role in Packaging and Corrugated Pallets

    Packaging Plastics Administrative Sales Marketing Corrugated Box
  • Blown Film Extrusion Professional

    Blown Film Extrusion Professional

    Plastics Production Quality Product Development Film - Blown or Cast
  • Manufacturing/Automation Engineering Manager - Injection Molding

    Hands-on manufacturing/automation engineer who recently drove continuous improvements resulting in a $1.6M increase in profitability. Motivated and results-driven team leader; responsible for installation, wiring, programming, training, and operation of Fanuc and Universal robots.

    Plastics Engineering Production Injection Molding
  • Sales Manager - Auxiliary Equipment

    Experienced regional sales manager for auxiliary equipment in the plastics industry. With 18+ years of sales management experience in dryers, grinders, loaders, blenders, and additional sales experience with injection molding machines; this candidate knows and sells the equipment needed to manufacture plastic parts.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Auxiliary Machinery
  • Experienced Professional Plastics Engineer - Product Design / Tool Engineering / Management

    Product Design - Tool Engineering - Tool room Management - Production Management

    Packaging Engineering Thermoform Packaging
  • President/Sales Manager - Injection Molding

    Top-notch president and sales director in medical injection molding that played a key role in attaining 145% growth over the last 4 years. Guided annual sales growth from $15M to $68M over 5 years.

    Plastics CxO Sales Marketing Injection Molding
  • Operations/Plant Manager - Injection Molding

    Motivated operations/plant manager with 25 years in tooling and injection molding experience. Increased plant revenue by $15M, reduced scrap, implemented SMED program that greatly decreased equipment change-over time.

    Plastics CxO Production Injection Molding
  • Operations Director/COO - Injection Molding

    Dedicated COO/Operations Director with 13 years as the operations head of a multi-facility medical injection molding business. Increased profit of 75% in the last five years and doubled overall sales and staffing.

    Plastics CxO Injection Molding
  • Plant manager, medical & food packaging

    Plant manager, medical & food packaging in search of a new position.

    Packaging Plastics Administrative Maintenance Production Thermoform Packaging
  • Sales and Marketing Manager – Plastics Sustainability

    Experienced sales and marketing leader in plastics and sustainability. Thermoform tooling, machinery, recycling, and waste reduction. Delivered record growth over a 5-year period and increased international sales by 40%. Website redesign, content creation, and CRM implementation.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Other
  • Sales Manager – Resins and Compounding

    Experienced sales leader in resins and compounding. Achieved consistent sales growth through new customer identification and development, implementation of sales and marketing plans, strategic pricing adjustments, and organic growth.

    Packaging Plastics CxO Sales Marketing Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Packaging Development/New Business Development Professional

    Packaging Development/New Business Development Professional looking for a Sales and Marketing; New Business Development role.

    Packaging Plastics Product Development Sales Marketing Thermoform Packaging