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  • Experienced Chemical Operations Manager; Innovation; Acquisitions

    VP Operations, General Manager, Chief Operations Officer, VP Sales and Marketing

    Plastics Production Sales Marketing Supply Chain Resin - Compounding - Additives

    Blow Molding Plastics Engineer in India

    Plastics Machinery Engineering Production Blow Molding - Packaging
  • Product Development/Materials Engineer – Extrusion

    Experienced product development and materials engineer in extrusion, compounding, molding, and thermoforming. Customer-facing quality resolution saving $300K through corrective actions.

    Plastics Quality Product Development Supply Chain Extrusion - Sheet
  • Sales Manager – Injection Molding

    Award-winning sales closer in the medical device market. Top sales generator of $10M at a $40M company. Built and maintained relationships in a 12-state territory driving $8.5M in sales growth. He could drive your sales to the next level!

    Plastics CxO Sales Marketing Injection Molding
  • Business Development | Administration | Operations Professional

    Business Development. Ability to foster relationships and build long term / stable business accounts with a steady revenue stream.
    - Developed and implemented Lean SS processes in plant operations
    - Developed and secured major accounts
    - Implemented both Sales and ERP systems

    Plastics Administrative Extrusion - Pipe or Profile
  • Experienced Sales and Business Development Executive

    I'm looking for sales "hunter" role, where I will be doing little to no account management work, and most of it will be greenfield or new territory development work.

    Plastics Machinery CxO Product Development Sales Marketing Automation
  • Senior Sales Executive

    I am looking for the next level. I have been highly proficient in developing sales through both direct and distribution channels. I am a great conduit between manufacturing and the customer, and have successfully initiated several product launches in my career. I am experienced in best practices, 6 Sigma, and and expert in all aspects of the selling process.

    I would like to bring my leadership skills and experience to an employer who is looking for exponential growth for their products or services, and share my abilities with the next generation of sales representatives.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Thermoform Heavy
  • Sales and Marketing Leader with 20 plus years of creating growth in B2B and B2C markets.

    Sales or Marketing Role in Resins/Compounding

    Plastics Sales Marketing Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Engineering and Operations Director – Injection Molding

    Experienced engineering and operations director in plastics with 24 years in injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, vac forming, overmolding, and gas assist processes. Strong background in automotive with top customers including Ford, Mercedes, BMW, GM. Closed new consumer goods account worth $21M gross revenue.

    Plastics CxO Engineering Quality Injection Molding
  • Technical Sales & Program Manager – Resins and Compounding

    Experienced technical sales manager in automotive resins and compounding. Direct sales of engineered PP to automotive OEMs. Achieved consistent sales growth and secured long-term contracts/renewals with major automotive OEMs.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Engineering/Tooling Manager – Injection Molding

    Multi-faceted engineering and tooling manager in injection, compression, and PUR molding with a strong background in automotive, aerospace and consumer markets. With a hands-on approach, he has launched 5 new programs including 34 molds within the past 18 months. With excellent problem-solving skills, diverse background, and strong quality management (ISO) history, he could be an immediate contributor that drives bottom-line success.

    Plastics Engineering Production Injection Molding
  • National Sales Manager and Marketing Manager

    Sales Manager, Sales Director, VP of Sales

    Plastics Machinery Sales Marketing Injection Molding
  • Experienced and seasoned manufacturing management professional

    Experienced Plant Manager, General Manager, Director or VP of Manufacturing.

    Plastics Administrative Production Injection Molding
  • Maintenance Mechanic – Blow Molding

    Maintenance mechanic with 10 years of hands-on experience in blow and injection molding. Responsible for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and operation of multiple process lines.

    Plastics Machinery Maintenance Production Quality Blow Molding - Packaging
  • Packaging Vice President and General Manager

    Vice President and GM of a large or midsize packaging company that is looking to grow or expand their business.

    Packaging Plastics Administrative Injection Molding
  • Director of Operations

    Director of Operations/Manufacturing

    Packaging Plastics Production Injection Molding
  • Packaging Sales Professional

    Seeking individual contributor, sales manager, or sales training position.

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Film - Blown or Cast
  • Technical Sales Professional

    Plastics Injection Molding Technical Sales Professional currently seeking a technical sales position.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Injection Molding
  • Experienced Manufacturing Leader

    Seeking a manufacturing leadership role with a company that has a well defined growth strategy. Ideal role would be director level with responsibility for multiple sites.

    Plastics CxO Film - Blown or Cast
  • Manufacturing President and Vice President (VP)

    President, Vice President, Director, or GM with a manufactured products company.

    Packaging Machinery CxO Automation