Bad or good?

If NAFTA has disproportionately favored Mexico over the United States, renegotiating NAFTA would be good, right? No, according to several plastics organizations.¹ Let’s try again. To rebuild manufacturing in the USA, we should impose tariffs on incoming goods, right? No, ...Read More

About your offer

What factors are involved when an employer determines the amount of compensation for a new offer of employment? The quick answer is, high enough to encourage the candidate to accept, yet low enough that the employer can afford to write ...Read More

Am I paid what I’m worth?

Find out where you stand by participating in one or both of these industry-leading salary surveys, brought to you by us! Plastics Salary Survey Sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers and Gros Executive Recruiters Packaging Salary Survey Sponsored by the ...Read More

We say it again: pay raise

2018 will be the year of the pay raise. That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it. The pundits predict an overall increase in pay of 3% this year. Our firm expects 4% in plastics and packaging, plus more lucrative ...Read More

What it means for YOU

Gros Executive Recruiters opens 2018 under new ownership by Molding Business Services. So what?  Quite a lot, actually. The recruiting division of MBS has been a formidable player in the arena of recruiting talent, primarily in injection molding, for 20 years.  ...Read More

New ownership for double impact

MOLDING BUSINESS SERVICES ACQUIRES GROS EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS FLORENCE, MA, January 2018 – Molding Business Services of Florence, MA has acquired Gros Executive Recruiters of Franklin, Tennessee. Both firms provide recruiting and executive search services to the plastics industry. Molding Business ...Read More

2018: Year of the Raise

Prediction: 2018 will be the year of the raise.   How do we know?  We feel the groundswell developing.  We see the positive economic signs.  We know that nobody has been successful in cloning new employees, so the best, brightest, and ...Read More