The Results Are In…

The results of our recent poll are in and you may be surprised at what we found. We asked, What kind of impact will the Trump Tariffs have on your business? And this is what you told us. Answers Responses Significantly ...Read More

The Impact of Tax Tariffs

Poll Extended What kind of impact will the Trump Tariffs have on your business? Participate in our one-question poll. After answering, you can see the results to-date. We will publish our findings in two weeks. Take the Poll or copy ...Read More

It’s Math…and Demographics

There are more jobs than qualified, interested job seekers. We have the statistics, and we’re not surprised. In very practical terms, here’s how the ratios play out for employers and job seekers in plastics and packaging: Employers are energetically attempting ...Read More

You’re in demand

If it feels like job activity is hot, you’re right. At 3.8% unemployment, the job market hasn’t seen this level of buzz since the year 2000.

We have a new look, a new name, and a new newsletter

SURPRISED? CONFUSED? Fear not… Molding Business Services and Gros Executive Recruiters have merged our online presence and rebranded the combined entity. Together as MBS Advisors, we have the MAXIMUM ASSETS to help your company find that special new employee, and to ...Read More

Visit Us at NPE2018

Will you be at the biggest Plastics show of the year, NPE2018, in Orlando, Florida? We will! Visit us in person at the Orange County Convention Center in the West building at booth W4237. Come check out our new look ...Read More


Do what we did this morning. Open a Google search window. Type “Plastics”, then choose news. The first seven articles infer a negative slant of our industry, but it’s not all bad…

5 hiring mistakes and their risks

Your decision to hire is not for the faint of heart. One wrong move and you’ll trigger an alarm. Trip up and the local authorities will be there in no time flat. Really mess up and the Feds could get ...Read More

Bad or good?

If NAFTA has disproportionately favored Mexico over the United States, renegotiating NAFTA would be good, right? No, according to several plastics organizations.¹ Let’s try again. To rebuild manufacturing in the USA, we should impose tariffs on incoming goods, right? No, ...Read More

About your offer

What factors are involved when an employer determines the amount of compensation for a new offer of employment? The quick answer is, high enough to encourage the candidate to accept, yet low enough that the employer can afford to write ...Read More