Ever wonder what recruiters and headhunters are hoping to hear from a job candidate? Dennis Gros of MBS Advisors shares what he looks for when speaking to a candidate. Some key statements that might have a positive connotation include: “I just ...Read More

Hiring through the holidays?

Does your company hire during the holiday season? If not, this could be a big mistake. If you have a need for an employee, that need doesn’t stop just because the holidays are near. Nor does it mean that a ...Read More

Holiday Job Search: Yay or Nay?

Planning to take a break from your job search during the holidays? That may be a big mistake. “Contrary to what you might think, hiring doesn’t stop during the holiday season. Employers hire when they need new employees. A slower ...Read More

Save Our Seas Act of 2018

The newly passed Save Our Seas Act of 2018 reauthorizes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program and calls for the U.S. government’s help in supporting international waste management solutions to reduce marine debris. According to the Plastics Industry ...Read More

MBS Advises TomKen in Recent Acquisition

Muncie, IN – October 2018 – TomKen Plastic Technologies, Inc. of Muncie, IN has been acquired by Canadian manufacturer QMI Group of Lakeshore, Ontario. TomKen President Bruce Carmichael was upbeat about the deal and had this to say: “I’m excited for the ...Read More


Amazon’s new program to alleviate stubborn packaging is structured like this: We’ll pay you now to institute FRUSTRATION-FREE PACKAGING. If you don’t comply, we’ll eventually charge you for each cuss word uttered by our customer. (Our interpretation). The program is complete with ...Read More

Drinking straws – the next generation

To what length of complexity will plastic critics elevate a simple, everyday experience like drinking through a straw? Let’s investigate our options. We can choose a natural bamboo straw, which can be tossed away (literally) to decompose. We can choose ...Read More

IoPP Salary Survey Launches in New E-Book Format

Flip through the only salary survey dedicated exclusively to the packaging professional as a sleek new digital e-book. “The most significant aspect of this year’s survey is not contained in the statistical detail. It is in the sheer number of ...Read More

Hottest jobs in 2018

The job titles tell the story. During 2018, “maintenance” job titles surprised us by representing 16% of our clients’ job requirements! Here is the frequency of the following keywords in the titles of our clients’ jobs during 2018: 27%, Sales ...Read More