Perfume or liquor?

Our friends at Packaging Digest created this fun short quiz. They noticed how similar the packaging was for perfume bottles as it was for liquor bottles. The quiz shows you a picture of each with the logo removed and you ...Read More

How did I miss it?

National Adirondack day! The first national celebration of the Adirondack chair was June 21st. The iconic chair dates to 1903, and its design is all American. The proclamation of National Adirondack day was declared this year by Adams Manufacturing, a ...Read More

Paycheck plus

How much do you earn at your current job? Okay, that’s the number. Now, add $8,850. (Do you feel better?) The value of an average employee benefits package in the plastics industry is $8,850 per employee, according to survey results ...Read More

Best Practices to Avoid a Costly Bad Hire

Our friends at Mueller Prost recently posted a great article entitled False Resumes are on the Rise: Top 5 Best Practices to Avoid a Costly Bad Hire. The article goes into detail about what you should do BEFORE you hire ...Read More


FLORENCE, MASSACHUSETTS, April 29, 2019 – Compensation of professionals in the plastics industry posted another healthy gain last year, according to the 2019 Plastics Salary Survey conducted jointly by SPE-Inspiring Plastics Professionals and MBS Advisors. This year’s participants reported their ...Read More

Gig me here, gig me there

The juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated news stories caught my eye. My newsfeed list presented an article about the FASTEST DISAPPEARING JOBS just above GIG WORKERS ARE NOT EMPLOYEES. In my opinion, these stories are related. The first article lists ...Read More

I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.

At the point of an offer, employers and candidates have a huge investment at stake. Interviews, time, travel, staff time, productivity, and more. So now candidates want offers and employers want the new employee. Here are the major considerations we ...Read More

IoPP 2019 Packaging Salary Survey

This survey is now closed. Thank you, everyone, that participated. Your feedback helps ensure that we are reporting on the most accurate data. Once again, MBS Advisors has teamed up with the Institute of Packaging Professionals to offer you the ...Read More