The hottest event in the plastics industry

Prediction: The hottest event in the plastics industry in 2020 will be this one: The Plastics Recycling Conference. We’re just saying…because everyone else is saying…RECYCLING. Yes, we will be there also. Link to: The Plastics Recycling Conference and Trade Show ...Read More

Legal Interview: Crack the code-Part 2

That’s a weird way to ask a question. Why can’t you just speak plain English? Why? Because plain English is not the language of a legally clean interview. EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) interview regulations mandate the use of code ...Read More

Code words for a legal interview, Part 1

That’s a funny question…why did she ask that?  Interviewers SHOULD know, and SOME job applicants know, that legal guidelines interfere with the exchange of information between candidates and interviewers. In this and upcoming posts, we’ll help you break the code. ...Read More

Age? They’re discussing age?

Former President Jimmy Carter proclaimed his wish for an age limitation as a qualification for President of the United States. Age? Do you believe anyone thinks of age when considering a person for a job? Isn’t it interesting that if an ...Read More

Can you pass this simple test?

Candidates need to know how the rules of interviewing might chill a conversation within an otherwise warm interview session and managers need to know these regulations, so they do not cross the line as to what is acceptable and what ...Read More

Are Interns the Way to Go?

Does your company hire interns? If you don’t, you may want to reconsider. Internship programs offer many advantages for employers. A recently published article in Plastics News suggested internships can help fill the skills gap in our industry. As recruiters, we ...Read More

Workforce Drug Screening – What About Weed?

In eleven states, recreational use of marijuana is now legal. In 33 states, cannabis is legal for medical use. Where does your state fall? And how does it impact your company’s drug testing policy? We recommend the following information for ...Read More

I am Unwanted…

I’m a used plastic flake with nowhere to go! China won’t take me. India no longer wants me. The USA doesn’t know how to use me. It seems that everyone is talking about the need to recycle and reuse plastic ...Read More

Learn Sales from the Shoeologist

“You’re next,” is what I heard as he pointed to me during my walk through Concourse C of Nashville International Airport. Yes, my shoes desperately needed a shine. But I was not prepared for the lesson in sales that would ...Read More