Has COVID-19 impacted your job?

Some plastics companies have seen increased demand, while others have been shut down. How has your job status changed, if at all, as a result of COVID-19? Take our quick 30-second poll. This survey has been closed. We will be posting ...Read More

Job Search and Coronavirus

Yes – the current outbreak of COVID-19 is unsettling, yes, it’s rippling its way through our everyday way of life and economy, but for those actively searching for a new career opportunity, it’s not all doom and gloom. Throughout this, ...Read More

How clean is clean? Will the Coronavirus impact you?

In a recent Plastics Today article, “The Dirty Truth About Medical Disinfection Practices” only about 25% of healthcare surfaces are regularly cleaned or disinfected, leaving upholstery, bedding, and mobile medical equipment as breeding grounds for microbes. We know that “high-touch” ...Read More

Plastics Salary Survey Countdown

There’s not much time left to participate in SPE and MBS Advisors’ Annual Plastics Salary Survey. Plastics Salary Survey Ends Participate Now

More Skills. More Perks.

Suppose your company needs to hire a new employee, but this new employee may not be next door.  He/she may be across the country. How are employers using perks to entice top performers to relocate? A few days ago, the ...Read More

SPME Features Dennis Gros in Plastics Engineering

Sometimes it’s fun to look behind the curtain. SPE caught Dennis Gros in an introspective mood for the November/December issue of Plastics Engineering. Dennis serves as President of MBS Advisors’ Recruiting Division. Here’s a link to the news article. For information ...Read More

Annual Salary Survey coming soon!

We don’t like to talk about it. But it is important to each of us. How much money do you earn? How much does the other guy earn? How much do my employees earn, and how does my company’s compensation ...Read More