Author: April Miles

April Miles

April Miles has been the marketing manager at MBS Advisors since 2014. She has toured several molding facilities and attended multiple events in the plastics industry. She has a B.S. with a concentration in marketing from the University of Hartford. In her free time, she enjoys salsa dancing and listening to music.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

It was brought to my attention recently that LinkedIn has started to become politicized, and now that I’m paying attention, the gradual polarization, name-calling, and insults on this professional network have begun. Is LinkedIn turning into Facebook or Twitter? Are we going to be seeing your cat memes and back to school photos next? I was still under the impression that talking about politics or religion at work or in a professional setting was a no-no, or a sensitive topic... more

Interviewing: The New Look

Looking for a new job during a pandemic can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. There ARE companies that are currently hiring. However, the interview process for both the candidate and the employer may look a little bit different these days. When preparing for your interview, you might ask yourself some of these questions: How should I greet the interviewer if I can’t shake hands? Does the interview have to be in-person or will it be virtual? If it’s in... more

Men vs. Women – The Pay Gap is Real

MBS Advisors and SPE have been conducting an annual salary survey for plastics professionals for many years now. One of the factors that we look at is the difference in pay by gender. Does that old adage, “Women get paid less than men for the same work,” ring true in our industry? Are women less likely to make their way up the corporate ladder in the plastics industry? According to our survey, on average, men in the plastics and packaging... more

Results of COVID-19 Poll

Between the dates, Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – April 3, 2020, MBS Advisors conducted an online poll aimed at individuals in the plastics industry asking if they job status had been affected by the recent COVID-19 crisis. 312 plastics professionals took our poll. The poll consisted of only 3 questions: What is the status of your employment since the COVID-19 crisis began in the U.S.? Answer Choices Responses Was employed, still employed 75% Was employed, now furlough 13% Was employed,... more

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Has COVID-19 impacted your job?

Some plastics companies have seen increased demand, while others have been shut down. How has your job status changed, if at all, as a result of COVID-19? Take our quick 30-second poll. This survey has been closed. We will be posting the results of this poll in a few days.

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Single-Use Plastics & Plastic Bag Bans: What do we think of this now?

The New York State plastic bag ban couldn’t have come at a worse time amidst the constant worry of the spread of the Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19. Reusable shopping bags are known to harbor bacteria3 since most people do not wash the bags in between grocery trips. Microbiologists have found E. coli, salmonella, fecal coliform, and other harmful bacteria in reusable bags if they are not properly sanitized after each use.7 New York State officials have announced they will... more

Job Search and Coronavirus

Yes – the current outbreak of COVID-19 is unsettling, yes, it’s rippling its way through our everyday way of life and economy, but for those actively searching for a new career opportunity, it’s not all doom and gloom. Throughout this, plastics manufacturers continue to need talent, the skills gap remains wide, and skilled workers continue to be in demand. Be prepared for an increase in virtual interviews, check your Skype or video conferencing account, test your audio and video, be... more

How clean is clean? Will the Coronavirus impact you?

In a recent Plastics Today article, “The Dirty Truth About Medical Disinfection Practices” only about 25% of healthcare surfaces are regularly cleaned or disinfected, leaving upholstery, bedding, and mobile medical equipment as breeding grounds for microbes. We know that “high-touch” surfaces like bedrails, sinks, light switches and floors get attention, but have you thought about how many people touch those surfaces on a given day? The last time you visited your loved one in a hospital, was the cleaning crew... more